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Courtesy of Outsider Pictures

Law Building
1001 Bissonnet
Map & Directions

Directed by Neto Villalobos

2013, in Spanish with English subtitles

Costa Rica

85 minutes



All about the Feathers

Por las plumas

Introduced by filmmaker Neto Villalobos

Challo, bored by his day-to-day routine, buys a rooster, which he names Rocky, to get into cockfighting. The two become inseparable, with Challo taking Rocky along with him everywhere, singing to him—even letting him sleep in his bed. Unfortunately, Challo’s landlord, tired of the rooster waking up the neighbors at the break of dawn, is adamant that Rocky must go. Luckily Challo has friends who stick by him, including a loquacious workmate and Candy, the Avon saleswoman, who becomes their greatest ally. Neto Villalobos’s comedic feature debut paints a hilarious, yet moving, portrait of friendship in a sleepy Costa Rican town.

Neto Villalobos was born in San José, Costa Rica. He earned a degree in sociology from the University of Costa Rica and later majored in film direction at the Centre d’Estudis Cinemàtografics de Catalunya in Barcelona. His short films Jasón, 100 al Este, and El Papá de Ernesto, among others, have won awards and have been screened around the world. His first feature film All About the Feathers won three work-in-progress awards, plus the best Central American film and the best director in Guatemala's Icaro Film Festival. Villalobos's second feature film, Majijo, was recently selected in 3 Puertos Workshop, organized by BAFICI and FICValdivia.