Dora Maar Fellowship: How to Apply


Outstanding midcareer professionals in the arts and humanities are encouraged to apply for residencies from the Brown Foundation Fellows Program at the Dora Maar House.

Application Checklist
Each application* must include:
• C.V. (no more than 3 pages)
• Project description (no more than 1 page)
• Community participation description (no more than 1 page)
• 2 professional references
• Samples of your work:
¤ For writers: 2 samples, no more than 20 pages
¤ For visual artists: 10 digital images, or 10 minutes of time-based media
• Scan of your valid passport (non-EU candidates); a photocopy of your ID papers (French or EU candidates)
• Proof of any necessary visas, where applicable
• $10 application fee

*Applications that are not complete by their due date will not be considered.

All applications must be submitted online. There are two application cycles each year:

• For fellowship terms beginning February 1 or after and ending no later than June 30: Applications must be submitted online by October 15.
• For fellowship terms beginning July 1 or after and ending no later than December 15: Applications must be submitted online by February15.

Guidelines and Application Site

Selection Process

  • Applications are reviewed by the director of the Museum and by the director and assistant director of the Dora Maar House in consultation with experts in the applicants’ fields. The final decision is made by the Museum director.
  • Information on the progress of an application is not available before the final decisions are announced.
  • Applicants for the spring cycle receive a response on or before December 1.
  • Applicants for the summer/fall cycle receive a response on or before May 1.

See information and guidelines.

Apply online.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you already have a Slideroom account, you still have to go through our site to access our Slideroom application portal ( but you can use your same log-in information.
  • For international applicants please spell out your country name, rather than using abbreviated country codes.
  • Be careful that you are applying for the correct active program. The MFAH has two fellowship programs that use the same Slideroom Portal. 
  • DO NOT wait for the last minute to complete your application. Sometimes your Internet provider will be having problems!
  • Your references will be notified as soon as you COMPLETE your application. They will need time to respond to the email sent by Slideroom. They have one extra week grace period after the application deadline to submit their letter of reference.
  • Please alert your references that an email should be in their inbox as soon as you complete your application. If they do not receive it, ask them to check that it hasn’t been blocked by their SPAM filter. Be extra careful when typing their email address. Some references did not receive the email request from Slideroom because of a misspelled email address.
  • You can reapply. But each time you have to carefully read and go through the application. We change and improve it with each cycle.
  • Your application is not deemed complete unless ALL of the supporting documents are submitted with the $10 fee.
  • Do not mail the $10 application fee to Dora Maar. This fee is for Slideroom and their services and must be paid online when your application is submitted.
  • We cannot comment on the status of your application during the selection process
  • We send out letters regarding the Fellowship awards—sometimes those letters do not arrive before the date indicated on the website. We appreciate your patience.
  • Please read through the Guidelines, and carefully follow all instructions.
  • Many of your questions regarding the details of the Fellowship are answered in the Guidelines