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Courtesy of Kino Lorber
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Sushi: The Global Catch

Friday, Oct 19, 2012
7:30 p.m. - 8:45 p.m.

Law Building, Lower Level
1001 Bissonnet Map & Directions

Taking a different approach from the popular film Jiro Dreams of Sushi (which screened at the MFAH last spring), this revealing documentary also celebrates sushi while considering the impact of its consumption on the world's seas. The Austin-based filmmakers trace the historical origins of sushi in Japan to its current status as a lucrative worldwide industry. The explosion in demand for sushi over the past 30 years has prompted concerns as fish stocks have steadily depleted, threatening the balance of the ocean’s ecosystems. Extensive interviews with fishermen, environmental activists, and restaurateurs—including Uchi’s Tyson Cole—outline the various solutions being proposed to address this increasing problem.

'Catch' explores impact of sushi obsession 
(Austin-American Statesman / Houston Chronicle)

Read an interview with director Mark Hall
(Inside the MFAH)

About the Director
Mark Hall is an independent filmmaker based in Austin. 
In 1998, he established the world's largest online education portal. He conceived Sushi: The Global Catchhis first feature-length film projectwhile visiting Warsaw, Poland, where he was amazed by the popularity of sushi in eastern Europe and viewed the cuisine as emblematic of how economies have rapidly globalized. Hall's experience in media, along with his background in business and lawwas a big help in completing Sushi. His last documentary, Mission on Seven, won a Platinum Award at Houston's 2010 Worldfest film festival. He attended graduate school in Japan and loves sushi.

About the Composer
Brian Satterwhite is a professional composer based in Austin. He holds a degree with dual majors in film scoring and composition from the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Over the years, Satterwhite has written scores for more than 90 short and feature films, including Richard Garriott: Man on a Mission (2010), Artois the Goat (2009), Quarter to Noon (2008), The Children’s War (2008), Cowboy Smoke (2008), Mr. Hell (2006), and the award-winning IMAX film Ride Around the World (2006). Satterwhites accolades include 11 Gold Medals for Excellence and three Silver Medals from the Park City Film Music Festival; an Indie Intertube Award for Best Score; a Bronze Telly Award; and in 2001 he was a finalist in the Young Film Composers Competition sponsored by Turner Classic Movies.

The MFAH film department is supported by Tenaris; The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences; The Consulate General of the Republic of Korea; Nina and Michael Zilkha; the National Film Preservation Foundation; Franci and Jim Crane; James V. Derrick; and Lynn S. Wyatt.

Community partner: The Sushi Club of Houston.

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