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  1. 30 Aug
    Thu / 2012
    Kitty Fisher may have been the most scrutinized beauty featured in the magnificent Kenwood House portraits. She maintained a regular spot in the social spotlight thanks to her well-known affairs with wealthy men. Artists were no exception, and Sir Joshua Reynolds was one of her greatest admirers. . . .

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  2. 20 Aug
    Mon / 2012
    What does it take for you to dress your best? What makes you reach into the back of your closet for those epic combat boots or your favorite pair of neon leggings? Nothing can push you to the edge of fashion faster than a friend who is also feeling fabulous. A number of the photographs in the exhibition Public Dress capture style in duplicate. From Weegee’s staged encounter with the sumptuously dressed Mrs....

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  3. 13 Aug
    Mon / 2012
    Once the sculpture’s restoration in its many phases was complete, an additional challenge remained: getting the 800-pound piece back to Rienzi. The project required some calculated planning and a pinch of fairy dust.

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  4. 13 Aug
    Mon / 2012
    The restoration of 'La Fée aux fleurs' was a six-month process. "I had never seen the sculpture 'Tinker Bell,' but its existence had acquired an almost mythical quality. It was obviously of some significance, possibly French 19th-century. Ingrid and I thought that if we removed all the rust and old paint that obscured the intricate details, and invested a lot of time, the cast-iron sculpture might look impressive again.

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  5. 13 Aug
    Mon / 2012
    It’s a rare treat to find something you already own and enjoy it like new. A gift of that sort recently came to the museum, when a discovery made in a storage room resulted in a magnificent addition to Rienzi’s sculpture collection. A cast-iron sculpture of a winged fairy and cherub shows the pair delicately perched on a circular mount, holding a tendril of flowers between them.

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