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About Jennifer Beradino

Jennifer Beradino is manager of the Museum’s Kinder Foundation Education Center (KFEC). As primary organizer of the teen group hang@MFAH, she leads the program's development and oversees all aspects. She’s wildly excited about the potential of teens’ impact on the MFAH!

Posts by Jennifer Beradino

  1. 27 Jun
    Thu / 2013
    Just over a year ago, I embarked on a challenge to create a teen program that happened outside of school. We wanted a program that encouraged teens to decide for themselves that the MFAH was a cool enough place to be during their limited free time, so we decided on the HOMAGO (hanging out, messing around, geeking out) model. After weekly conversations with teens and lots of experimentation, we came up with hang@MFAH:...

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