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  1. 08 Jun
    Fri / 2012
    The first character we introduce you to must be Edward Cecil Guinness, the first Earl of Iveagh and the third son of Arthur Guinness. (Arthur’s grandfather founded the famous Guinness brewery.) Since Edward Cecil wasn’t . . .

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  2. 30 Apr
    Mon / 2012
    The annual "Eye on Third Ward" exhibition brings photographs by students at Jack Yates High School to the galleries of the MFAH. Photography teacher Ray C. Carrington III provides the guidance, Houston's Third Ward neighborhood provides the setting, and the talented teens do the rest. This acclaimed partnership continues to yield surprising discoveries . . .

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  3. 24 Apr
    Tue / 2012
    Have you ever considered becoming a docent at the MFAH? If you love art and enjoy sharing that love with others, read below for the inside scoop from some of our own docents on what it's like to be an MFAH docent.

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  4. 16 Feb
    Thu / 2012
    In January of this year, Bayou Bend acquired a rare sampler, skillfully stitched by Mary J. Greenfield Smith (born c. 1829), a student at the school of the Oblate Sisters of Providence—the first Roman Catholic society for women of African descent in the U.S. The Oblate sisters founded a school that embraced a curriculum similar to schools for white girls of the time: preparing students to run their own households, work as servants, or support...

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