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  1. 16 Dec
    Fri / 2011
    While many of you are bustling around, shopping for gifts or decorating your homes for the holiday season, Rienzi is busy doing the very same thing! Every December the atmosphere at Rienzi reflects that of the holiday season; the house becomes a bit cheerier and holiday embellishments grace our rooms. Before Rienzi became part of the MFAH, the Masterson family celebrated Christmas in the home and now, as a museum, we try to keep...

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  2. 07 Dec
    Wed / 2011
    On Thursday, December 1st Rienzi hosted a conversation with Megan and James Silk, two-thirds of the trio from Feast Restaurant on lower Westhemier. Feast is a European-style restaurant that follows a “nose-to-tail” philosophy, advocating for the consumption of the whole animal, no bits left behind. At the reception before the main event, Feast provided the 60 guests with a course of hors d’oeuvres from their restaurant. Later on in the program, they revealed...

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  3. 14 Nov
    Mon / 2011
    If you have visited Rienzi to see English Taste: The Art of Dining in the Eighteenth Century, you have probably noticed a dish on the table vaguely resembling green beans. Rienzi’s docents often receive the question, “what’s that?” accompanied by an index finger aimed at the mass of unfamiliar green vegetation. The answer to the common query is samphire. What, you might ask, is samphire? Samphire, officially Crithmum maritimum but also known as crest...

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  4. 24 Oct
    Mon / 2011
    On Sunday afternoon, four members of the Houston Grand Opera Orchestra- Timothy Hester,(Fortepiano), Oleg Sulyga (Violin), Rene Salazar (Viola), and Barrett Sills (Cello)- will perform Mozart’s Piano Quartets in Rienzi’s Gallery Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is probably one of the most well known Classical music composers. Born in 1856 to Leopold and Anna Maria Pertl Mozart, young Wolfgang was taught violin and keyboard by his father, a composer and music teacher. An...

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  5. 25 Aug
    Thu / 2011
    Each year, Rienzi closes to the public during the month of August to give curators, conservators, and preparations a chance to evaluate the collection and make repairs to the house. Although void of visitors and docents, this August has been busier than usual for the staff.  Rienzi is preparing to open its first major exhibition, English Taste: The Art of Dining in the Eighteenth Century, on Saturday, September 17th as well as open a...

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