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  1. 23 Feb
    Tue / 2016
    Recent research has shed light on the provenance and history of a unique object in the Rienzi Collection.

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  2. 11 Nov
    Wed / 2015
    Do you crave a good story with espionage, competition, and dynamic personalities? Do courtly intrigues and royal rivalries set your heart aflutter? Then come along on one of Rienzi’s focus tours: “Rivals, Spies, and the Quest for White Gold: Rienzi's Porcelain Masterpieces.”

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  3. 06 Oct
    Mon / 2014
    This autumn at Rienzi, Isla’s Gallery features "Comfort and the Eighteenth-Century Interior." Highlighting 18th-century decorative arts and material culture, the exhibition seeks to communicate how design could improve people’s lives, both emotionally and physically, by making them more comfortable.

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  4. 19 Jun
    Tue / 2012
    Throughout this inaugural year, the Rienzi and Bayou Bend book club has covered an array of topics inspired by the collections of the two house museums. July's book takes us back to 18th-century France, for a peek into the life of one of Rienzi's most famous residents. "Madame du Barry: The Wages of Beauty" chronicles the life of Louis XV’s last maîtress en titre . . .

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  5. 30 May
    Wed / 2012
    How do you take your mocha latte? Nonfat soy, no whip? Such options were hardly offered at the tables of 18th century Europeans, nor was the combination of coffee and chocolate that is now referred to mocha . . .

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