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  1. 12 Jul
    Thu / 2012
    This summer we are wishing "buenas vacaciones” to one of Rienzi’s paintings: Bartolomé Esteban Murillo’s The Nativity is on holiday, loaned to the Museo Nacional del Prado in Madrid, Spain. This three-part blog series discusses The Nativity and its unusual medium, and chronicles the painting’s journey overseas to the Prado with Rienzi’s director, Katherine Howe.

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  2. 06 Jun
    Wed / 2012
    You may not have seen the Kenwood House exhibition at the MFAH yet, but you will be surprised to find out who already has . . .

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  3. 01 Jul
    Fri / 2011
    One of the challenges in designing the interior of Rienzi’s foyer has been that the room is asymmetrical, with sharp bend midway down the hall.  In order to preserve the look of an eighteenth century room, we sought to create a balanced the hallway featuring furniture and paintings from the Neoclassical era.    The foyer has traditionally featured a pair of gilded pier tables, one of the best examples of Neoclassical design in Rienzi’s collection. Just as...

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  4. 27 Jun
    Mon / 2011
    Rienzi’s foyer has been a subject on the minds of the curatorial department for much of this year, with several renovations underway since January. Filled with natural sunlight from the motor court, the room creates a lovely entryway for Rienzi’s guests -- but up until recently it has been quite unwelcoming to its artwork. Balancing the two has been something of a challenge for us. The passageway we refer to as the foyer, was part of the 1972...

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