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  1. 03 May
    Thu / 2012
    This coming Saturday and Sunday, Houston Grand Opera Studio Artists will present the last of the 2011 – 2012 Rienzi Recital series. They will perform pieces by both Gerald Finzi and Richard Wagner in Rienzi’s intimate Gallery. Rienzi has a special connection to Wagner...

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  2. 30 Sep
    Fri / 2011
    This year Rienzi continues its collaboration with the Houston Grand Opera Studio. Each year, four musical programs are performed in Rienzi’s intimate Gallery by up-and-coming opera performers. This Friday and Saturday, September 30th and October 1st, begins the 2011-2012 recital schedule. Among the selections for this weekend, HGO Studio will be performing A Whitman Service, by Lee Hoiby who has brought several of Walt Whitman poems into the world of music and...

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  3. 18 May
    Wed / 2011
    Last weekend HGO Studio performed Love, Loss, and Solitude in Rienzi's Gallery. Selections came from Debussy, Schumann, Sondheim, and Mandel, among others.  What really struck me was how just feet away, Rienzi's Breakfast Room, is where Angelica Kauffman's Ariadne Abandoned by Theseus usually hangs. The painting depicts Ariadne on the island of Naxos, where her lover, the Greek hero Theseus, left her after he promised to marry her when she saved him from a labyrinth where...

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