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  1. 31 Jul
    Wed / 2013
    Introducing the Bayou Bend 2013–2014 Book Club Selections . . .

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  2. 08 Mar
    Fri / 2013
    At Rienzi, we’re in the midst of the gardens’ loveliest season, and there are a variety of camellias and azaleas in bloom.

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  3. 13 Aug
    Mon / 2012
    The restoration of 'La Fée aux fleurs' was a six-month process. "I had never seen the sculpture 'Tinker Bell,' but its existence had acquired an almost mythical quality. It was obviously of some significance, possibly French 19th-century. Ingrid and I thought that if we removed all the rust and old paint that obscured the intricate details, and invested a lot of time, the cast-iron sculpture might look impressive again.

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  4. 27 Jun
    Wed / 2012
    The success of a house museum depends upon the interpretive plan for the site—the story that the house will tell, including place and time, characters, and context—the draw, if you will. But what does one do when a house has been “rewritten” several times over?

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  5. 25 Apr
    Wed / 2012
    Earlier this month the Rienzi and Bayou Bend Book Club read Founding Gardeners, a book that examines gardening, a common passion, of four of America’s founding fathers: Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and Madison. Written by Andrea Wulf, the book incorporates political history with that of nature, and how these four men with a common goal but differing means shared a great interest for all things botanical. In particular the book looks at the transfer of seeds from North to...

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