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07 Dec
Wed / 2011

Food for Thought

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On Thursday, December 1st Rienzi hosted a conversation with Megan and James Silk, two-thirds of the trio from Feast Restaurant on lower Westhemier. Feast is a European-style restaurant that follows a “nose-to-tail” philosophy, advocating for the consumption of the whole animal, no bits left behind.

At the reception before the main event, Feast provided the 60 guests with a course of hors d’oeuvres from their restaurant. Later on in the program, they revealed that the food included pigs heart tartar, pork belly sausage, house-cured ham, and bread toasted with pork fat (among other items). One of the guests noted that when trying the tartar, he could tell it was organ meat and it immediately turned him off. Personally, I sampled the house cured ham and the pork belly sausage and both were delicious!

The conversation held in Rienzi’s Gallery, with Public Programs Manager Sara Edwards, and Associate Curator Christine Gervais moderating, created plenty of food-for-thought. Many members of the audience were curious to know how Feast was able to find locally sourced foods, and why they were so passionate about it.  They described the wonders of shopping at local farmers’ markets, as well as the challenge of finding local, in-season produce in restaurant quantities within the Houston area.  There was discussion on the differences between American and British cooking.  The Silks noted that while local, organic foods are more readily available to British shoppers, American markets are catching up in the local food movement.

To those of you that came to the event, we hope you enjoyed it! To the staff at Feast, thank you for coming to Rienzi to take part in an evening of salon-style conversation!

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About Casey Monahan

Casey Monahan

Casey Monahan joined Rienzi as education assistant in 2010. She received her B.A. in art history and history from the College of the Holy Cross, and her M.A. in art history from the University of Houston. At Rienzi, the Massachusetts native works with docents, tours, and other public programs. 

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