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Arts of Europe

The MFAH collections of art created on the European continent encompass artistic styles across the time line of history, from the ancient world to the Middle Ages, and the Early Modern era to the 21st century.

English, 1812 - 1852
X-Frame Chair
c. 1847
Oak, leather, and brass

39 ½ x 18 x 18 inches

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Gift of the Arch and Stella Rowan Foundation, Inc.

Arts of Europe

A. W. N. Pugin was one of England´s most influential designers in the 1830s and 1840s. His commissions included furniture for Windsor Castle and the interiors of the Houses of Parliament in London.

Pugin believed English Gothic architecture should be the basis for the country’s national style. To him, it was the only appropriate style for English public institutions. This chair form was originally designed for the Prince’s Chamber in the House of Lords. Although those 16 chairs remain in the House of Lords, this chair is one of six (identical except for their upholstery) known outside Westminster.