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100 Highlights
of the MFAH
American, 1848 - 1933
Manufactured by TIFFANY STUDIOS
New York, 1902 - 1932
A Wooded Landscape in Three Panels
c. 1905
Glass, copper-foil, and lead

86 1/2 x 131 9/16 x 1 3/4 inches

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Museum purchase with funds provided by the
Brown Foundation Accessions Endowment Fund

Arts of North America

This spectacular window is a unified forest scene spanning three panels. Like a living landscape, during the course of a day the scene changes in appearance, responding to the light surrounding it.

A Wooded Landscape is far more complex than most stained-glass windows, which are pieced together in a process similar to solving a jigsaw puzzle. Instead, by layering different textures, thicknesses, and colors of glass on top of each other within the window—just as an artist might layer paint on a canvas—Louis Comfort Tiffany created subtle color combinations that change with variations in light. During his lifetime, it was said that Tiffany “painted” with glass.