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Arts of Asia

The MFAH collections of art from China, India, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia reflect Houston’s diverse communities. Ancient and contemporary works are displayed together to create innovative juxtapositions.


© Jooyeon Park
Korean, born 1972
Third Person Dialogue
16mm film transferred to DVD
The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Museum purchase with funds provided by the
Caroline Wiess Law Accessions Endowment Fund

Arts of Asia

Park Jooyeon’s video Third Person Dialogue blurs the boundaries between the artist and the viewer. In the work a man, originally from Busan, makes a series of calls on his mobile phone. Brought into the conversation, the viewer becomes aware of the man’s background and impending travels.

Through these phone calls, the artist abstracts concrete memories of Busan and Seoul. Third Person Dialogue’s main character also alludes to an anonymous foreign place where he plans to go. The viewer is left to rearrange the information just heard according to existing cultural and conventional hierarchies. Park thus experiments with a new kind of narrative by establishing a unique basis for conversations amongst its characters.